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Why WOLE ARISEKOLA is called The people’s President…By (Prince Uc)

This article “The People’s President” is a true reflection of a man who has been more than a President to this nation, sometimes I say he is the President we never had, a man who thinks about the warfare of the people. He never discriminate, he is kindhearted and loving, jokes and play with even the downtrodden because he believes we are all one before God almighty, I am talking about no one else but Aare Wole Arisekola.

Born into a wealthy background, with lineage link to the late Alhaji Abdul Azeez Arisekola-Alao’s rich and influential dynasty, one would easily assume and conclude that he has no reason to ‘align’ himself or business with the masses, but interestingly, he seems to be different. Despite his long sojourn outside Nigeria, in Dublin, Republic of Ireland to be precise, Wole Arisekola’s passion, commitment and determination towards making Nigeria better is quite impressive.

When in Dublin, he simultaneously eats, live and thinks of Nigeria; and is always guided and inspired by the burning desire that Nigeria can definitely and would still be a better place to live in. In Dublin and across the United Kingdom, Wole’s principled stand on social injustice has earned him the sobriquet; ‘Mr. Controversy’. 

Having lived his early life in Ibadan, Oyo State, before proceeding to the United Kingdom to further his education, Wole, today, sits atop a business conglomerate as well as being the Publisher/CEO of the popular and high-profile magazine; ‘Street Journal.’ A lifestyle magazine with special focus on metro and other sundry issues that affects Nigerians in the Diaspora, the magazine is a household name in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Nigeria and Europe.

Aare Wole Arisekola have in the recent years carries the borden of so many Nigerian’s on his shoulders as he finds it difficult to look away from the helpless poor and needy. In his words ” its breaks my heart to see people suffer”—Wole Arisekola.  His influence rises above what many can comprehend as politicians flocks around his house during election period to seek his support.

He created the famous Wole Street Journals Forum, a non-political group formed to fight unemployment and chart a course for the youth, has not only grown in status, it has also won various awards. Wole, who is also the Chairman of Allied Properties and Okebadan Oil and Gas, said he had formed the WSJF to create a forum of like-minds, not knowing that it would become the voice and strength of the Nigerian youth.

Wole Street journals forum that is popularly called WSJF has impacted lives and educates many, it has helped and blessed so many people in the country with the tireless and relentless effort of Aare Wole Arisekola, those who knows WSJF will agree that its a force to reckon with as they are made up of sound minds and intellectual people.

List of what Wole Arisekola has done for the WSJF group is endless also what he has done through the group is overwhelming.

Monetary assistance to many individual that genuinely needs it to do the following.

Pay children school fees
Pay house rents.
Start up a Business
Pay hospital bills

Even Donations to the tune of 5million Naira to patients that needed to fly abroad for medical treatment.
He did all this things for mostly people he has never met or seen before.

The beauty of it all is that they won’t have to pay back.

The WSJF family with the help of Aare Wole Arisekola has blessed many communities with “Boreholes”. Relieving the communities from suffering to get a clean portable water. The most amazing truth is that 80% of this Boreholes are built outside his state, in several other states that has got nothing to do with him or his family lineage. He willingly did it to relief the people from suffering any further.

Mr Wole Arisekola has created so much employment for youths, and he has also linked countless of people in the right in the world of business. The list of his kind gesture is endless.

Sometimes I wish this man is the President of this country, because he has done for the masses what the so called Government have never done even without holding any public office.

I am not just praising this kind-hearted man but encouraging other prominent people in-other to emulate Mr Wole Arisekola’s  kind gesture and make our country a better place. Government alone can not do it. God bless Nigeria.

Wole Arisekola is the people’s President.

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